Sujihome (eCommerce)

Sujihome operates as an eCommerce store specializing in home furniture sales.

Through this venture, I acquired valuable experience and honed my skills in business development, e-commerce, and graphic design.

Sujihome generated RM30,000 in revenue between June and December 2023.

Sujihome eCommerce

Web-Application & System Development

This is a project by Web4tion where my role is to lead in developing the web-app as a system analyst.

I have gained valuable experience by working with project manager, developer and marketing manager.

KahwinHub is a website for wedding couples to create their own digital invitation card. It includes with affiliate system with various vendors for collaboration.

KahwinHub.com - Digital Card Wedding

Jyrogadget (Digital Product Store)

In the past, I operated a Shopee store where I sold digital items. Despite receiving over 200 orders, I faced challenges due to product bans, resulting in the loss of crucial evidence.

Nevertheless, my store got 93 reviews, with the majority of customers expressing satisfaction with their purchases.

This experience significantly contributed to my understanding of the Shopee store platform on how to operate and selling strategically.

Shopee Store

Website Development (Freelance)

I’m a freelance WordPress developer and my toolkit includes HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I’m a wizard with Elementor & Breakdance Builder for responsive and fast-loading design. I’m proficient in cPanel, DirectAdmin, CloudPanel and more. Landing page, salespage, corporate website and eCommerce are my favourites.

Home Furnishings eCommerce
Gadget and Tech Blog
Business Club Landing Page
Contractor Corporate Website
Agro Farm Landing Page
Dropship Recruitment Landing Page

Websites I Co-Developed for The Rich Web

As an SEO and WordPress developer for The Rich Web, my responsible is to help the agency in building websites for their multiple-niche clients. 

Due to copyright and creative works issues, I only display some of it with blurred effects.

Muslimah Fashion eCommerce
Health Supplement eCommerce
Book Author Website
Islamic School Website
Coop Corporate Website
Diet Coach Landing Page

UI/UX Design (Figma)

For my assignment, I have designed an app using Figma for healthcare application.

Digital Marketing

I’m learning digital marketing to apply it to my side business, gaining both knowledge and experience in the process.

Paid Marketing

  • Facebook Ads Manager & Pixel setup
  • Copywriting creation & optimization
  • Campaign & Ads setup
  • Data Analysis
  • Split Testing & Optimization

SEO Marketing

  • Keyword research using UberSuggest/SEMRush
  • On-Page SEO optimization
  • Tehnical SEO optimization
  • SEO content development and creation
  • Google Search Analytics & Search Console

WhatsApp Marketing

  • WhatsApp Chatbot Setup
    • Auto-reply based on keyword
    • Auto-reply with Chatgpt
  • WhatsApp Automation
    • Broadcast and Blast
    • Leads Auto-Save to Google Sheet


I was a YouTube and TikTok content creator and gained more than 40k followers combined.

Graphic Designing

  • Expert in Canva
  • Advanced in Photoshop
  • Beginner in Illustrator
  • Advanced in AI Image generation (DALL-E 3)
  • Poster & thumbnail creation
  • Graphic design fundamental
  • Clean and minimal concept
  • Selling concept

Video Production

  • YouTube and TikTok
  • Expert in Filmora & CapCut
  • Video editing
  • Educational videos
  • Ideas brainstorming
  • Story and script writing
  • Studio setup
  • Video shooting
  • OBS and live streaming

Corporate Training/Presentation

I love sharing knowledge, educating others, and networking with entrepreneurs in the field. These activities bolster both my presentation skills and self-confidence.

AGDM (Graphic for Business)

Main Speaker – 20 March 2023

Host an online paid webinar on Advanced Graphic Design Masterclass.

Digitalisasi Usahawan Melaka

Main Speaker – 22 July 2023

Teach and train new business owner to digitalize business in eCommerce, landing page and graphic design.

Digitalisasi Usahawan Bangi

Main Speaker – 26 August 2023

Teach and train new business owner to digitalize business in eCommerce, landing page and graphic design.

Side Projects

I love developing some small projects that I feel useful for my tasks.

Digital Marketing Tool

For my assignment, I made a tool that help Digital Marketers to plan marketing campaigns effectively using AI by providing marketing frameworks such as AIDA, PAS, BAB and more.

This tool utilises the ChatGPT API which is the ChatGPT 3.5 turbo.

UM Directory

For my assignment, I made a simple directory for University Malaya since most of the students are confused with the building names different with Google Maps or Waze.

It just a simple directory made with HTML and CSS.

ChatGPT Plugin

I’m using ChatGPT Plus and relies on ChatGPT 4.0 to write SEO articles. However, manual prompting can be time-consuming. Within an hour, I created ChatGPT plugin which I called Penulis SEO that help SEO writer easily. Features:

  • Write SEO articles based on RankMath requirements
  • Reliable Bahasa Malaysia articles without mixing the Bahasa Indonesia vocabulary
  • Generate effective SEO titles

(Only Plus user can access this plugin)

Python Mini Programs

Coding mini programs in Python really help my business in automation for simple tasks, it saves a lot of time rather than doing it manually:

  • Bulk Add Text to Image
  • Common Codes Identifier
  • File Names/Lists Export
  • Python to ChatGPT API

Microsoft Edge Extension

Built a simple Microsoft Edge extension for StudySmart.ai, because reading a lot in light theme is exhausting for my eyes. Simply override the CSS of original code for own dark theme.

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