Tutorial for Debugging 2 Exercise

1. Open Mindtap and any Codespace

Open any Python exercise to access the github Codespace to run this code exercise.

2. Create new file and use the code

Right click at the left-sidebar and New File. Enter the name and copy paste the code:
1. Create file for Sales.py

  from datetime import datetime, timedelta

def get_ready(new_sales_file, used_sales_file, all_sales_file):
        new_sales = open(new_sales_file, 'r')
        used_sales = open(used_sales_file, 'r')
        all_sales = open(all_sales_file, 'w')
    except IOError:
        print("Error opening files.")
        return None, None, None, True

    return new_sales, used_sales, all_sales, False

def read_sales_data(file):
    line = file.readline()
    if line == '' or 'EOF' in line:
        return "EOF", 0
        salesperson, amount = line.strip().split(',')
        return salesperson, float(amount)
    except ValueError:
        print(f"Invalid line format: {line.strip()}")
        return None, 0

def detail_loop(new_sales, used_sales, all_sales):
    sales_data = {}

    # Process new sales data
    new_salesperson, new_amount = read_sales_data(new_sales)
    while new_salesperson != "EOF":
        sales_data[new_salesperson] = sales_data.get(new_salesperson, 0) + new_amount
        new_salesperson, new_amount = read_sales_data(new_sales)

    # Process used sales data
    used_salesperson, used_amount = read_sales_data(used_sales)
    while used_salesperson != "EOF":
        sales_data[used_salesperson] = sales_data.get(used_salesperson, 0) + used_amount
        used_salesperson, used_amount = read_sales_data(used_sales)

    # Write aggregated data to all_sales file
    for salesperson, amount in sorted(sales_data.items()):
        write_sales_data(all_sales, salesperson, amount)

def write_sales_data(file, salesperson, amount):
    file.write(f"{salesperson}, ${amount:.2f}\n")

def finish(new_sales, used_sales, all_sales):

def main():
    new_sales_file = "NewSales.dat"
    used_sales_file = "UsedSales.dat"
    all_sales_file = "AllSales.dat"

    new_sales, used_sales, all_sales, error = get_ready(new_sales_file, used_sales_file, all_sales_file)

    if not error:
        kl_time = datetime.utcnow() + timedelta(hours=8)
        current_time = kl_time.strftime("%d-%m-%Y %H:%M:%S")
        all_sales.write("Here's the latest merge file between NewSales.dat and UsedSales.dat at " + current_time + ":\n\n")
        all_sales.write("Name | Sales\n")
        detail_loop(new_sales, used_sales, all_sales)
        print("Merging the both files UsedSales.dat and NewSales.dat, please check AllSales.dat for latest data.")

    finish(new_sales, used_sales, all_sales)

if __name__ == "__main__":
2. Create file for NewSales.dat

Alice, 12000.50
Bob, 15000.75
Charlie, 18000.00
Emily, 20000.20
John Doe, 30000
Jane Smith, 25000
Raihan, 1200.00
Gross, 1600
Lil Pump, 2000
3. Create file for UsedSales.dat

Bob, 8000.00
Diane, 11000.50
Emily, 9500.75
Frank, 7000.25
Annaim, 100.00
Royy, 1500
Lil Pump, 99999
Big Pump, 100
4. Run the Sales.py. It will auto generate the file for AllSales.dat. The result should be like:
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